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(pronounced “gap-pah stem”)

Why Garvey/Allen?

An ACHIEVER is defined as a person who achieves a high or specified level of success. Thus, it is our belief that children enter our school as students and leave GAVPAA STEM as ACHIEVERS. We believe, “ACHIEVERS are the architects of their own destinies.” At Garvey/Allen, ACHIEVERS are given a reimagined education where barriers are non-existent. ACHIEVERS are guided to design a personalized learning experience based on their talents and interests. No longer will children have to choose between The Arts or STEM. Our Founder believes both are vital to ACHIEVERS intellectual, academic, and professional growth.
Garvey/Allen understands that a “people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots,” they won’t grow. Therefore, we will build a foundation enriched with legacy, tolerance, leadership, justice, and equity. Our ACHIEVERS will explore and discover themselves, their culture and the world around them, through both an Artistic and STEM perspective.

Our Mission

The mission of GAVPAA STEM Charter School is to transform historically disenfranchised minority students into ACHIEVERS, and only refer to them as such; who will become high performing graduates, that attend the top schools of our nation, be provided intensive, high level arts training with a rigorous college preparatory STEM infused curriculum, all while learning cultural connectedness, tolerance and leadership excellence. We are educating achievers so that they will accomplish their fullest potential as artists, leaders, and global citizens.

Our Vision

At GAVPAA STEM it is our vision that we provide “Excellence on Purpose,” while transforming students into ACHIEVERS who are history makers, stereotype breakers, and architects of their own destinies; We Soar to Great Heights.


M.Ed. & Doctoral Candidate

Our Founder is a mother, wife, daughter, educator and a current doctoral student. She has made it her mission to be a change agent, dedicated to improving the lives of youth . One day while teaching her eighth grade students, she had a vision. She asked herself, “What if students came to school because they felt safe to express and create?” “What if students were encouraged to produce music and movies, cook like “A Master Chef,” sing or write songs, dance, and have pride?” “What if students were given creative outlets but still be academically competitive to enter the global workforce?” From that point on, Our Founder has had a burning desire to bring this vision to fruition in founding GAVPAA STEM. She has been cultivating this dream school for students over the past five years. Building a reimagined, innovative, equity driven school community is her ultimate desire.

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The ACHIEVER Experience

GAVPAA STEM ACHIEVERS will have access to blended classroom and online instruction up to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. We will also provide online instruction that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of scheduling provides ACHIEVERS with flexibility in order to avoid having to choose between life conflicts and their education. During the school day, achievers will engage in innovative classroom lessons, paideia seminars, and project based learning all in a small group environment. ACHIEVERS will have around the clock access to a variety of core subjects and their “STEM PATHWAY” through the web, allowing them additional flexibility and time to master content- learning anytime, anywhere.

Preparing ACHIEVERS to Be Leaders

At GAVPAA STEM ACHIEVERS are provided foreign language in both Spanish and Mandarin. We believe these are the two languages that will erase the barrier between our achievers and their global counterparts. ACHIEVERS will focus on learning about their own culture and gaining tolerance for others.


We hold all stakeholders (ACHIEVERS, parents, staff and community) accountable for upholding the following Pillars:


“Where ACHIEVERS are the architects of their own destinies.”


Garvey/Allen Visual and Performing Arts Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is offering pre-professional arts training and college preparatory academics for grades 5-8. ACHIEVERS choose a major in Dance, Theatre, Music, or Visual & Fine Arts. Academic departments include English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. ACHIEVERS then choose a pathway in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics to be prepared to compete in the global workforce.

GAVPAA STEM ACHIEVERS will experience STEM Pathways in our STEM House Program. ACHIEVERS will choose between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as their chosen Pathway. ACHIEVERS will be housed in these pathways for the entire school year. Each House will have a group of instructors that will collaborate and choose the projects for their respective STEM HOUSE. These projects will tie into our belief that project based learning is a great approach to engage achievers and maximize their success. We will model this after The Ron Clark Academy House System. STEM HOUSES will focus on projects that help to solve a real problem in the local or global community, build the school community and foster pride.

For example, many local food pantries are not able to store all of the food it collects in an organized and succinct fashion. ACHIEVERS work in their Technology STEM HOUSE to create a storage system via a computer-based-design and then install it at a local pantry.

Projects like these will help achievers gain the necessary knowledge to think beyond the core academic classes and realize their potential to influence our community, whether locally or globally.

We eliminate the traditional “student schedule” by providing each achiever that enrolls in GAVPAA STEM a Personalized Learning Experience. We will assess each achiever to gain an understanding of their academic level, learning style, career and artistic interests. This valuable information along with SMARTER Balanced test scores and past academic success will help “The DREAM TEAM” (Administration) prepare a Personalized Learning Experience for each ACHIEVER. The team will then create a plan of college preparatory classes at the appropriate level. We will revisit and modify this plan as often as needed.

GAVPAA STEM believes that ACHIEVERS need to realize the world beyond themselves and their peers. Community Service and Service Learning projects will aid in our desire to cultivate the “whole achiever.” ACHIEVERS will be expected to complete a service learning project and perform community service every year. Through these projects, it is our hope that ACHIEVERS will be made aware of the problems and necessities outside of their personal worlds. This type of exposure will help ACHIEVERS become conscientious contributors of their local and global communities. Examples of community service activities and projects include:

  • Internships with artists and local businesses
  • Community Fairs (Hosting Blood Drives, Cultural Festivals)
  • Teaching visual and performing arts classes to the local neighborhoods

  • Prepare Achievers for High School

    Small Class Sizes

    STEM Pathways

    Choose a Major: Art, Dance, Music, Culinary Arts or Theatre

    Fully Credentialed Teachers

    School Uniforms

    Project Based Learning

    Early College and Career Planning


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    Educators are those special individuals that touch the lives of all the students they encounter. As a matter of fact, chances are you’ve been impacted by a teacher or principal and you still remember their name and how they played such a vital role in your life. Tiffany Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Garvey/Allen Visual and Performing Arts Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (GAVPAA STEM), is that educator for so many of her students.
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    NewSchools Venture Fund

    April 18, 2018– Garvey/Allen Visual and Performing Arts Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is proud to announce its selection as a member of the 2018 Invent cohort at NewSchools Venture Fund. This makes history for Riverside County, as the CEO and Founder, Tiffany Gilmore is the first to ever receive this prestigious grant in the region.
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